A component (of a statement) is a part of a statement that is common to multiple query types.

Parses an alter operation.

VALUES keyword parser.

Parses an array.

Parses a reference to a CASE expression.

WHERE keyword parser.

Parses the create definition of a column or a key.

Parses a data type.

Parses a reference to an expression (column, table or database name, function call, mathematical expression, etc.).

Parses a list of expressions delimited by a comma.

Parses a function call.

GROUP BY keyword parser.

Parses an Index hint.

INTO keyword parser.

JOIN keyword parser.


Parses the definition of a key.

LIMIT keyword parser.

Parses a reference to a LOCK expression.

Parses a list of options.

ORDER BY keyword parser.

The definition of a parameter of a function or procedure.

Parses the create definition of a partition.

REFERENCES keyword parser.

RENAME TABLE keyword parser.

SET keyword parser.

UNION keyword builder.

WITH keyword builder.

Holds the configuration of the context that is currently used.

Context for MariaDB 10.0.

Context for MariaDB 10.1.

Context for MariaDB 10.2.

Context for MariaDB 10.3.

Context for MariaDB 10.4.

Context for MariaDB 10.5.

Context for MariaDB 10.6.

Context for MySQL 5.0.

Context for MySQL 5.1.

Context for MySQL 5.5.

Context for MySQL 5.6.

Context for MySQL 5.7.

Context for MySQL 8.0.

Exception thrown by the lexer.

Exception thrown by the lexer.

Exception thrown by the parser.

Performs lexical analysis over a SQL statement and splits it in multiple tokens.

Takes multiple tokens (contained in a Lexer instance) as input and builds a parse tree.

Abstract statement definition.

ALTER statement.

ANALYZE statement.

BACKUP statement.

CALL statement.

CHECK statement.

CHECKSUM statement.

CREATE statement.

DELETE statement.

DROP statement.

EXPLAIN statement.

INSERT statement.

LOAD statement.

LOCK statement.

Maintenance statement.

Not implemented (yet) statements.

OPTIMIZE statement.

PURGE statement.

RENAME statement.

REPAIR statement.

REPLACE statement.

RESTORE statement.

SELECT statement.

SET statement.

SHOW statement.

Transaction statement.

TRUNCATE statement.

UPDATE statement.

WITH statement.

A structure representing a lexeme that explicitly indicates its categorization for the purpose of parsing.

A structure representing a list of tokens.

Used for context generation.

Used for test generation.

Implements array-like access for UTF-8 strings.

Buffer query utilities.


CLI interface.

Error related utilities.

Utilities that are used for formatting queries.

Miscellaneous utilities.

Statement utilities.

Routine utilities.

Table utilities.

Token utilities.