Advisor class
Handles bookmarking SQL queries
PhpMyAdmin\BrowseForeigners class
PhpMyAdmin\CentralColumns class
Class used to manage MySQL charsets
PhpMyAdmin\CheckUserPrivileges class
Shared code for server, database and table level pages.
Configuration class
Class used to output the console
Core class
Set of functions for /table/create and /table/add-field
Main interface for database interactions
Encoding conversion helper class
a single error
handling errors
Error reporting functions used to generate and submit error reports
PhpMyAdmin\Export class
File wrapper class
Functions for listing directories
Class with Font related methods.
Class used to output the footer
Class used to output the HTTP and HTML headers
Library that provides common import functions that are used by import plugins
Index manipulation class
Index column wrapper
PhpMyAdmin\InsertEdit class
Internal relations for information schema and mysql databases.
PhpMyAdmin\IpAllowDeny class
Language object
Language selection manager
The linter itself.
Generic list class
handles database lists
Misc logging functions
Class for generating the top menu
a single message
PhpMyAdmin\Mime class;
Functions for multi submit forms
Set of functions used for normalization
Simplfied OpenDocument creator class
Set of functions with the operations section in phpMyAdmin
Output buffering wrapper class
PhpMyAdmin\ParseAnalyze class
base Partition Class
PDF export base class providing basic configuration.
PhpMyAdmin\Plugins class
Handles the recently used and favorite tables.
Set of functions used with the relation and PDF feature
PhpMyAdmin\RelationCleanup class
PhpMyAdmin\Replication class
Functions for the replication GUI
Singleton class used to manage the rendering of pages in PMA
This class includes various sanitization methods that can be called statically
Saved searches managing
Collects information about which JavaScript files and objects are necessary to render the page and generates the relevant code.
Session class
Set of functions for the SQL executor
PhpMyAdmin\SqlQueryForm class
Base Storage Engine Class
Represents a sub partition of a table
Handles everything related to tables
Handle front end templating
handles theme
phpMyAdmin theme manager
This class tracks changes on databases, tables and views.
PhpMyAdmin\Tracking class
Transformations class
Two factor authentication wrapper class
Class holding type definitions for MySQL and MariaDB.
Static methods for URL/hidden inputs generating
Functions for user password
Functions for displaying user preferences pages
Misc functions used all over the scripts.
Responsible for retrieving version information and notifiying about latest version
Transformations class