Parses an alter operation.

VALUES keyword parser.

Parses an array.

Parses a reference to a CASE expression.

WHERE keyword parser.

Parses the create definition of a column or a key.

Parses a data type.

Parses a reference to an expression (column, table or database name, function call, mathematical expression, etc.).

Parses a list of expressions delimited by a comma.

Parses a function call.

GROUP BY keyword parser.

Parses an Index hint.

INTO keyword parser.

JOIN keyword parser.


Parses the definition of a key.

LIMIT keyword parser.

Parses a reference to a LOCK expression.

Parses a list of options.

ORDER BY keyword parser.

The definition of a parameter of a function or procedure.

Parses the create definition of a partition.

REFERENCES keyword parser.

RENAME TABLE keyword parser.

SET keyword parser.

UNION keyword builder.

WITH keyword builder.