Loader::bindtextdomain() — Method in class Loader
Sets the path for a domain.


Loader::detectlocale() — Method in class Loader
Detects currently configured locale.


$Translator#errorProperty in class Translator
Parse error code (0 if no error).
Translator::exists() — Method in class Translator
Check if a string is translated.
Translator::extractPluralCount() — Method in class Translator
Extracts number of plurals from plurals form expression.
Translator::extractPluralsForms() — Method in class Translator
Parse full PO header and extract only plural forms line.


Loader::getInstance() — Method in class Loader
Returns the singleton Loader object.
Loader::getTranslator() — Method in class Loader
Returns Translator object for domain or for default domain.
Translator::gettext() — Method in class Translator
Translates a string.


LoaderClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\MoTranslator
Loader::loadFunctions() — Method in class Loader
Loads global localizaton functions.
Loader::listLocales() — Method in class Loader
Figure out all possible locale names and start with the most specific ones. I.e. for sr_CS.UTF-8@latin, look through all of sr_CS.UTF-8@latin, sr_CS@latin, sr@latin, sr_CS.UTF-8, sr_CS, sr.


Translator::ngettext() — Method in class Translator
Plural version of gettext.
Translator::npgettext() — Method in class Translator
Plural version of pgettext.


Translator::pgettext() — Method in class Translator
Translate with context.


ReaderExceptionClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\MoTranslator
Exception thrown when file can not be read.
StringReader::read() — Method in class StringReader
Read number of bytes from given offset.
StringReader::readint() — Method in class StringReader
Reads a 32bit integer from the stream.
StringReader::readintarray() — Method in class StringReader
Reads an array of integers from the stream.


Loader::setlocale() — Method in class Loader
Sets a requested locale.
StringReaderClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\MoTranslator
Simple wrapper around string buffer for random access and values parsing.
Translator::sanitizePluralExpression() — Method in class Translator
Sanitize plural form expression for use in ExpressionLanguage.
Translator::setTranslation() — Method in class Translator
Set translation in place


Loader::textdomain() — Method in class Loader
Sets the default domain.
TranslatorClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\MoTranslator
Provides a simple gettext replacement that works independently from the system's gettext abilities.


StringReader::__construct() — Method in class StringReader
Translator::__construct() — Method in class Translator