final class Transformations (View source)


array<int,int|string> $Substring

Displays a part of a string.

string[] $Bool2Text

Converts Boolean values to text (default 'T' and 'F').

array<int,int|string> $External

LINUX ONLY: Launches an external application and feeds it the column data via standard input.

string[] $PreApPend

Prepends and/or Appends text to a string.

string[] $Hex

Displays hexadecimal representation of data.

array<int,int|string> $DateFormat

Displays a TIME, TIMESTAMP, DATETIME or numeric unix timestamp column as formatted date.


Displays an image and a link; the column contains the filename.


Displays a link; the column contains the filename.


__construct(array $transformations = [])

No description


__construct(array $transformations = [])

No description


array $transformations