final class Settings (View source)


string $PmaAbsoluteUri

Your phpMyAdmin URL.

string $AuthLog

Configure authentication logging destination

bool $AuthLogSuccess

Whether to log successful authentication attempts

bool $PmaNoRelation_DisableWarning

Disable the default warning that is displayed on the DB Details Structure page if any of the required Tables for the configuration storage could not be found

bool $SuhosinDisableWarning

Disable the default warning that is displayed if Suhosin is detected

bool $LoginCookieValidityDisableWarning

Disable the default warning that is displayed if session.gc_maxlifetime is less than LoginCookieValidity

bool $ReservedWordDisableWarning

Disable the default warning about MySQL reserved words in column names

int $TranslationWarningThreshold

Show warning about incomplete translations on certain threshold.

bool|string $AllowThirdPartyFraming

Allows phpMyAdmin to be included from a other document in a frame; setting this to true is a potential security hole. Setting this to 'sameorigin' prevents phpMyAdmin to be included from another document in a frame, unless that document belongs to the same domain.

string $blowfish_secret

The 'cookie' auth_type uses AES algorithm to encrypt the password. If at least one server configuration uses 'cookie' auth_type, enter here a pass phrase that will be used by AES. The maximum length seems to be 46 characters.

Server> $Servers

Server(s) configuration

int $ServerDefault

Default server (0 = no default server)

bool $VersionCheck

whether version check is active

string $ProxyUrl

The url of the proxy to be used when retrieving the information about the latest version of phpMyAdmin or error reporting. You need this if the server where phpMyAdmin is installed does not have direct access to the internet.

string $ProxyUser

The username for authenticating with the proxy. By default, no authentication is performed. If a username is supplied, Basic Authentication will be performed. No other types of authentication are currently supported.

string $ProxyPass

The password for authenticating with the proxy.

int $MaxDbList

maximum number of db's displayed in database list

int $MaxTableList

maximum number of tables displayed in table list

bool $ShowHint

whether to show hint or not

int $MaxCharactersInDisplayedSQL

maximum number of characters when a SQL query is displayed

string|bool $OBGzip

use GZIP output buffering if possible (true|false|'auto')

bool $PersistentConnections

use persistent connections to MySQL database

int $ExecTimeLimit

maximum execution time in seconds (0 for no limit)

string $SessionSavePath

Path for storing session data (session_save_path PHP parameter).

string[] $MysqlSslWarningSafeHosts

Hosts or IPs to consider safe when checking if SSL is used or not

string $MemoryLimit

maximum allocated bytes ('-1' for no limit, '0' for no change) this is a string because '16M' is a valid value; we must put here a string as the default value so that /setup accepts strings

bool $SkipLockedTables

mark used tables, make possible to show locked tables (since MySQL 3.23.30)

bool $ShowSQL

show SQL queries as run

bool $RetainQueryBox

retain SQL input on Ajax execute

bool $CodemirrorEnable

use CodeMirror syntax highlighting for editing SQL

bool $LintEnable

use the parser to find any errors in the query before executing

bool $AllowUserDropDatabase

show a 'Drop database' link to normal users

bool $Confirm

confirm some commands that can result in loss of data

string $CookieSameSite

sets SameSite attribute of the Set-Cookie HTTP response header

bool $LoginCookieRecall

recall previous login in cookie authentication mode or not

int $LoginCookieValidity

validity of cookie login (in seconds; 1440 matches php.ini's session.gc_maxlifetime)

int $LoginCookieStore

how long login cookie should be stored (in seconds)

bool $LoginCookieDeleteAll

whether to delete all login cookies on logout

bool $UseDbSearch

whether to enable the "database search" feature or not

bool $IgnoreMultiSubmitErrors

if set to true, PMA continues computing multiple-statement queries even if one of the queries failed

bool $URLQueryEncryption

Define whether phpMyAdmin will encrypt sensitive data from the URL query string.

string $URLQueryEncryptionSecretKey

A secret key used to encrypt/decrypt the URL query string. Should be 32 bytes long.

bool $AllowArbitraryServer

allow login to any user entered server in cookie based authentication

string $ArbitraryServerRegexp

restrict by IP (with regular expression) the MySQL servers the user can enter when $cfg['AllowArbitraryServer'] = true

string $CaptchaMethod

To enable reCaptcha v2 checkbox mode if necessary

string $CaptchaApi

URL for the reCaptcha v2 compatible API to use

string $CaptchaCsp

Content-Security-Policy snippet for the reCaptcha v2 compatible API

string $CaptchaRequestParam

reCaptcha API's request parameter name

string $CaptchaResponseParam

reCaptcha API's response parameter name

string $CaptchaLoginPublicKey

if reCaptcha is enabled it needs public key to connect with the service

string $CaptchaLoginPrivateKey

if reCaptcha is enabled it needs private key to connect with the service

string $CaptchaSiteVerifyURL

if reCaptcha is enabled may need an URL for site verify

bool $enable_drag_drop_import

Enable drag and drop import

bool $ShowDatabasesNavigationAsTree

In the navigation panel, replaces the database tree with a selector

int $FirstLevelNavigationItems

maximum number of first level databases displayed in navigation panel

int $MaxNavigationItems

maximum number of items displayed in navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeEnableGrouping

turn the select-based light menu into a tree

string $NavigationTreeDbSeparator

the separator to sub-tree the select-based light menu tree

string|string[]|false $NavigationTreeTableSeparator

Which string will be used to generate table prefixes to split/nest tables into multiple categories

int $NavigationTreeTableLevel

How many sublevels should be displayed when splitting up tables by the above Separator

bool $NavigationLinkWithMainPanel

link with main panel by highlighting the current db/table


display logo at top of navigation panel


where should logo link point to (can also contain an external URL)

string $NavigationLogoLinkWindow

whether to open the linked page in the main window ('main') or in a new window ('new')

int $NumRecentTables

number of recently used tables displayed in the navigation panel

int $NumFavoriteTables

number of favorite tables displayed in the navigation panel

int $NavigationTreeDisplayItemFilterMinimum

display a JavaScript table filter in the navigation panel when more then x tables are present

bool $NavigationDisplayServers

display server choice at top of navigation panel

bool $DisplayServersList

server choice as links

int $NavigationTreeDisplayDbFilterMinimum

display a JavaScript database filter in the navigation panel when more then x databases are present

string $NavigationTreeDefaultTabTable

target of the navigation panel quick access icon

string $NavigationTreeDefaultTabTable2

target of the navigation panel quick second access icon

bool $NavigationTreeEnableExpansion

Enables the possibility of navigation tree expansion

bool $NavigationTreeShowTables

Show tables in navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeShowViews

Show views in navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeShowFunctions

Show functions in navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeShowProcedures

Show procedures in navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeShowEvents

Show events in navigation panel

int $NavigationWidth

Width of navigation panel

bool $NavigationTreeAutoexpandSingleDb

Automatically expands single database in navigation panel

bool $ShowStats

allow to display statistics and space usage in the pages about database details and table properties

bool $ShowPhpInfo

show PHP info link

bool $ShowServerInfo

show MySQL server and web server information

bool $ShowChgPassword

show change password link

bool $ShowCreateDb

show create database form

bool $ShowDbStructureCharset

show charset column in database structure (true|false)?

bool $ShowDbStructureComment

show comment column in database structure (true|false)?

bool $ShowDbStructureCreation

show creation timestamp column in database structure (true|false)?

bool $ShowDbStructureLastUpdate

show last update timestamp column in database structure (true|false)?

bool $ShowDbStructureLastCheck

show last check timestamp column in database structure (true|false)?

bool $HideStructureActions

allow hide action columns to drop down menu in database structure (true|false)?

bool $ShowColumnComments

Show column comments in table structure view (true|false)?

string $TableNavigationLinksMode

Use icons instead of text for the navigation bar buttons (table browse) ('text'|'icons'|'both')

bool $ShowAll

Defines whether a user should be displayed a "show all (records)" button in browse mode or not.

int $MaxRows

Number of rows displayed when browsing a result set. If the result set contains more rows, "Previous" and "Next".

string $Order

default for 'ORDER BY' clause (valid values are 'ASC', 'DESC' or 'SMART' -ie descending order for fields of type TIME, DATE, DATETIME & TIMESTAMP, ascending order else-)

bool $SaveCellsAtOnce

grid editing: save edited cell(s) in browse-mode at once

string $GridEditing

grid editing: which action triggers it, or completely disable the feature

string $RelationalDisplay

Options > Relational display

string|false $ProtectBinary

disallow editing of binary fields valid values are: false allow editing 'blob' allow editing except for BLOB fields 'noblob' disallow editing except for BLOB fields 'all' disallow editing

bool $ShowFunctionFields

Display the function fields in edit/insert mode

bool $ShowFieldTypesInDataEditView

Display the type fields in edit/insert mode

string $CharEditing

Which editor should be used for CHAR/VARCHAR fields: input - allows limiting of input length textarea - allows newlines in fields

int $MinSizeForInputField

The minimum size for character input fields

int $MaxSizeForInputField

The maximum size for character input fields

int $InsertRows

How many rows can be inserted at one time

string[] $ForeignKeyDropdownOrder

Sort order for items in a foreign-key drop-down list.

int $ForeignKeyMaxLimit

A drop-down list will be used if fewer items are present

string $DefaultForeignKeyChecks

Whether to disable foreign key checks while importing

bool $ZipDump

Allow for the use of zip compression (requires zip support to be enabled)

bool $GZipDump

Allow for the use of gzip compression (requires zlib)

bool $BZipDump

Allow for the use of bzip2 decompression (requires bz2 extension)

bool $CompressOnFly

Will compress gzip exports on the fly without the need for much memory.

string $TabsMode

How to display the menu tabs ('icons'|'text'|'both')

string $ActionLinksMode

How to display various action links ('icons'|'text'|'both')

int $PropertiesNumColumns

How many columns should be used for table display of a database? (a value larger than 1 results in some information being hidden)

string $DefaultTabServer

Possible values: 'welcome' = the welcome page (recommended for multiuser setups) 'databases' = list of databases 'status' = runtime information 'variables' = MySQL server variables 'privileges' = user management

string $DefaultTabDatabase

Possible values: 'structure' = tables list 'sql' = SQL form 'search' = search query 'operations' = operations on database

string $DefaultTabTable

Possible values: 'structure' = fields list 'sql' = SQL form 'search' = search page 'insert' = insert row page 'browse' = browse page

string $RowActionType

Whether to display image or text or both image and text in table row action segment. Value can be either of image, text or both.

Export $Export
Import $Import
Schema $Schema
string[] $PDFPageSizes
string $PDFDefaultPageSize
string $DefaultLang

Default language to use, if not browser-defined or user-defined

string $DefaultConnectionCollation

Default connection collation

string $Lang

Force: always use this language, e.g. 'en'

string $FilterLanguages

Regular expression to limit listed languages, e.g. '^(cs|en)' for Czech and English only

string $RecodingEngine

You can select here which functions will be used for character set conversion.

string $IconvExtraParams

Specify some parameters for iconv used in character set conversion. See iconv documentation for details:

string[] $AvailableCharsets

Available character sets for MySQL conversion. currently contains all which could be found in lang/* files and few more.

bool $NavigationTreePointerEnable

enable the left panel pointer

bool $BrowsePointerEnable

enable the browse pointer

bool $BrowseMarkerEnable

enable the browse marker

int $TextareaCols

textarea size (columns) in edit mode (this value will be emphasized (2) for SQL query textareas and (1.25) for query window)

int $TextareaRows

textarea size (rows) in edit mode

bool $LongtextDoubleTextarea

double size of textarea size for LONGTEXT columns

bool $TextareaAutoSelect

auto-select when clicking in the textarea of the query-box

int $CharTextareaCols

textarea size (columns) for CHAR/VARCHAR

int $CharTextareaRows

textarea size (rows) for CHAR/VARCHAR

int $LimitChars

Max field data length in browse mode for all non-numeric fields


Where to show the edit/copy/delete links in browse mode Possible values are 'left', 'right', 'both' and 'none'.

bool $RowActionLinksWithoutUnique

Whether to show row links (Edit, Copy, Delete) and checkboxes for multiple row operations even when the selection does not have a unique key.

string $TablePrimaryKeyOrder

Default sort order by primary key.

bool $RememberSorting

remember the last way a table sorted

bool $ShowBrowseComments

shows column comments in 'browse' mode.

bool $ShowPropertyComments

shows column comments in 'table property' mode.

int $RepeatCells

repeat header names every X cells? (0 = deactivate)

bool $QueryHistoryDB

Set to true if you want DB-based query history.If false, this utilizes JS-routines to display query history (lost by window close)

int $QueryHistoryMax

When using DB-based query history, how many entries should be kept?

bool $BrowseMIME

Use MIME-Types (stored in column comments table) for

int $MaxExactCount

When approximate count < this, PMA will get exact count for table rows.

int $MaxExactCountViews

Zero means that no row count is done for views; see the doc

bool $NaturalOrder

Sort table and database in natural order

string $InitialSlidersState

Initial state for sliders (open | closed | disabled)

string[] $UserprefsDisallow

User preferences: disallow these settings For possible setting names look in libraries/config/user_preferences.forms.php

bool $UserprefsDeveloperTab

User preferences: enable the Developer tab

string $TitleTable

title of browser window when a table is selected

string $TitleDatabase

title of browser window when a database is selected

string $TitleServer

title of browser window when a server is selected

string $TitleDefault

title of browser window when nothing is selected

bool $ThemeManager

if you want to use selectable themes and if ThemesPath not empty set it to true, else set it to false (default is false);

string $ThemeDefault

set up default theme, you can set up here an valid path to themes or 'original' for the original pma-theme

bool $ThemePerServer

allow different theme for each configured server

string $DefaultQueryTable

Default query for table

string $DefaultQueryDatabase

Default query for database

SqlQueryBox $SQLQuery

SQL Query box settings These are the links display in all of the SQL Query boxes

bool $EnableAutocompleteForTablesAndColumns

Enables autoComplete for table & column names in SQL queries

string $UploadDir

Directory for uploaded files that can be executed by phpMyAdmin.

string $SaveDir

Directory where phpMyAdmin can save exported data on server.

string $TempDir

Directory where phpMyAdmin can save temporary files.

string $GD2Available

Is GD >= 2 available? Set to yes/no/auto. 'auto' does auto-detection, which is the only safe way to determine GD version.

array<string,string> $TrustedProxies

Lists proxy IP and HTTP header combinations which are trusted for IP allow/deny

bool $CheckConfigurationPermissions

We normally check the permissions on the configuration file to ensure it's not world writable. However, phpMyAdmin could be installed on a NTFS filesystem mounted on a non-Windows server, in which case the permissions seems wrong but in fact cannot be detected. In this case a sysadmin would set the following to false.

int $LinkLengthLimit

Limit for length of URL in links. When length would be above this limit, it is replaced by form with button.

string $CSPAllow

Additional string to allow in CSP headers.

bool $DisableMultiTableMaintenance

Disable the table maintenance mass operations, like optimizing or repairing the selected tables of a database. An accidental execution of such a maintenance task can enormously slow down a bigger database.

string $SendErrorReports

Whether or not to query the user before sending the error report to the phpMyAdmin team when a JavaScript error occurs

bool $ConsoleEnterExecutes

Whether Enter or Ctrl+Enter executes queries in the console.

bool $ZeroConf

Zero Configuration mode.

Debug $DBG

Developers ONLY!

string $environment

Sets the working environment

array<string,string> $DefaultFunctions

Default functions for above defined groups

int $maxRowPlotLimit

Max rows retrieved for zoom search

bool $ShowGitRevision

Show Git revision if applicable

array<string,int|string> $MysqlMinVersion

MySQL minimal version required

bool $DisableShortcutKeys

Disable shortcuts

Console $Console

Console configuration

Transformations $DefaultTransformations

Initialize default transformations array

int $FirstDayOfCalendar

Set default for FirstDayOfCalendar


__construct(array $settings)

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No description


__construct(array $settings)

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array $settings

array toArray()

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Return Value