AdditionClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions


BinaryClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions


Addition::calculate() — Method in class Addition
ComparisonEQClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonEQ::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonEQ
ComparisonGTClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonGT::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonGT
ComparisonGTEClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonGTE::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonGTE
ComparisonLTClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonLT::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonLT
ComparisonLTEClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonLTE::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonLTE
ComparisonNEClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
ComparisonNE::calculate() — Method in class ComparisonNE
Division::calculate() — Method in class Division
Modulo::calculate() — Method in class Modulo
Multiplication::calculate() — Method in class Multiplication
Operator::calculate() — Method in class Operator
OperatorAnd::calculate() — Method in class OperatorAnd
OperatorOr::calculate() — Method in class OperatorOr
Subtraction::calculate() — Method in class Subtraction


DivisionClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
$ Stack#dataProperty in class Stack


ExpressionClass in namespace SimpleMath
Math::evaluate() — Method in class Math

Parses and executes given formula


Expression::factory() — Method in class Expression


Expression::getPrecidence() — Method in class Expression


Expression::isLeftAssoc() — Method in class Expression
Expression::isOpen() — Method in class Expression
Expression::isOperator() — Method in class Expression
Expression::isParenthesis() — Method in class Expression
Operator::isOperator() — Method in class Operator
Parenthesis::isParenthesis() — Method in class Parenthesis
Parenthesis::isOpen() — Method in class Parenthesis
Ternary::isOperator() — Method in class Ternary
Ternary::isOpen() — Method in class Ternary


$ Expression#leftAssocProperty in class Expression
$ Ternary#leftAssocProperty in class Ternary


ModuloClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
MultiplicationClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
MathClass in namespace SimpleMath

Core class of the library performing parsing and calculations.


NumberClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions


Expression::operate() — Method in class Expression
Binary::operate() — Method in class Binary
Number::operate() — Method in class Number
OperatorClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
Operator::operate() — Method in class Operator
OperatorAndClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
OperatorOrClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
Parenthesis::operate() — Method in class Parenthesis
Ternary::operateTernary() — Method in class Ternary
Ternary::operate() — Method in class Ternary
Variable::operate() — Method in class Variable


$ Expression#precidenceProperty in class Expression
$ Addition#precidenceProperty in class Addition
$ ComparisonEQ#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonEQ
$ ComparisonGT#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonGT
$ ComparisonGTE#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonGTE
$ ComparisonLT#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonLT
$ ComparisonLTE#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonLTE
$ ComparisonNE#precidenceProperty in class ComparisonNE
$ Division#precidenceProperty in class Division
$ Modulo#precidenceProperty in class Modulo
$ Multiplication#precidenceProperty in class Multiplication
$ OperatorAnd#precidenceProperty in class OperatorAnd
$ OperatorOr#precidenceProperty in class OperatorOr
ParenthesisClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
$ Parenthesis#precidenceProperty in class Parenthesis
$ Subtraction#precidenceProperty in class Subtraction
$ Ternary#precidenceProperty in class Ternary
Math::parse() — Method in class Math

Parses given formula. The parsed formula is stored in the class.

Math::parseParenthesis() — Method in class Math
Math::parseOperator() — Method in class Math
Stack::push() — Method in class Stack
Stack::poke() — Method in class Stack
Stack::pop() — Method in class Stack


Expression::render() — Method in class Expression
Math::registerVariable() — Method in class Math

Registers variable for use withing calculation

Math::run() — Method in class Math

Executes currently parsed formula with current variables


SubtractionClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
$ Math#stackProperty in class Math
StackClass in namespace SimpleMath


TernaryClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
Math::tokenize() — Method in class Math


$ Expression#valueProperty in class Expression
VariableClass in namespace SimpleMath\Expressions
$ Math#variablesProperty in class Math


Expression::__construct() — Method in class Expression