ShapeFile::addRecord() — Method in class ShapeFile
Adds record to shape file.
ShapeRecord::addPoint() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Adds point to a record.


$ShapeFile#boundingBoxProperty in class ShapeFile


ShapeFile::deleteRecord() — Method in class ShapeFile
Deletes record from shapefile.
$ShapeRecord#DBFDataProperty in class ShapeRecord
ShapeRecord::deletePoint() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Deletes point from a record.


ShapeFile::eofSHP() — Method in class ShapeFile
Checks whether file is at EOF.


$ShapeFile#FileNameProperty in class ShapeFile


ShapeFile::getDBFHeader() — Method in class ShapeFile
Returns array defining fields in DBF file.
ShapeFile::getIndexFromDBFData() — Method in class ShapeFile
Lookups value in the DBF file and returs index.
ShapeFile::getShapeName() — Method in class ShapeFile
Returns shape name.
ShapeRecord::getContentLength() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Returns length of content.
ShapeRecord::getShapeName() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Returns shape name.


ShapeFile::hasMeasure() — Method in class ShapeFile
Check whether file contains measure data.


$ShapeFile#lastErrorProperty in class ShapeFile
ShapeFile::loadFromFile() — Method in class ShapeFile
Loads shapefile and dbase (if supported).
$ShapeRecord#lastErrorProperty in class ShapeRecord
ShapeRecord::loadFromFile() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Loads record from files.
Util::loadData() — Method in class Util
Reads data.


Util::nameShape() — Method in class Util
Returns shape name.


Util::packDouble() — Method in class Util
Encodes double value to correct endianity.


$ShapeFile#recordsProperty in class ShapeFile
ShapeFile::readSHP() — Method in class ShapeFile
Reads given number of bytes from SHP file.
$ShapeRecord#recordNumberProperty in class ShapeRecord


ShapeFileClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\ShapeFile
ShapeFile class.
$ShapeFile#shapeTypeProperty in class ShapeFile
ShapeFile::supportsDbase() — Method in class ShapeFile
Checks whether dbase manipuations are supported.
ShapeFile::saveToFile() — Method in class ShapeFile
Saves shapefile.
ShapeFile::setDBFHeader() — Method in class ShapeFile
Changes array defining fields in DBF file, used in dbase_create call.
ShapeFile::setError() — Method in class ShapeFile
Sets error message.
ShapeRecordClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\ShapeFile
ShapeFile record class.
$ShapeRecord#shapeTypeProperty in class ShapeRecord
$ShapeRecord#SHPDataProperty in class ShapeRecord
ShapeRecord::saveToFile() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Saves record to files.
ShapeRecord::setError() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Sets error message.
Util::swap() — Method in class Util
Changes endianity.


ShapeRecord::updateDBFInfo() — Method in class ShapeRecord
Updates DBF data to match header.
UtilClass in namespace PhpMyAdmin\ShapeFile


ShapeFile::__construct() — Method in class ShapeFile
ShapeRecord::__construct() — Method in class ShapeRecord